Galleria Savipaja is a Finnish one-woman handicraft business, which produces decorative and utility items made of clay, such as angels, flower pots, vases, baptism bowls, candlesticks and utility pottery. Galleria Savipaja was opened in the year 2005, and it is located at the Vasiljala farm in the village of Petravaara, Tohmajärvi near Russian border.


The products of Galleria Savipaja include decorative as well as utility items, for example angels, unique baptism bowls, candlesticks, mugs, vases and hanging pots for flowers and candles. Most of the products are handmade and Tuija Ohvanainen's own design. All items are made of stoneware clay and they are heated at approximately 1250 degrees to make them strong enough to wear well even the everyday use.

The coloration of Savipaja is harmonious, beautiful and alluring. The colours of nature are easy to combine with different table and house decorations. A beautiful gift is simultaneously a lasting utility item.

"Imagination, peace of nature and intuition give me new ideas. Clay as material is beautiful and good for shaping, and it inspires me to take new directions. For example, designing statuettes is extremely fascinating", explains Tuija Ohvanainen.


There is an on-going sales exhibition at Galleria Savipaja, where the visitor can see all the products from angel statuettes to utility pottery, candlesticks and gift items.

Also groups are welcomed!

Savipaja's Christmas 2023

2.- 17.12

From Thursday to Sunday, from noon to 5pm.

Also other times by agreement.



Galleria Savipaja is located in the idyllic and old Orthodox village Petravaara near the Russian border. The distance from the centre of Tohmajärvi to the gallery is approximately 16 kilometres and there is a good road all the way. Already the drive can be considered as a journey to the peace and quiet of the countryside life. A visit to the gallery will end the rush and hurry - it offers a possibility to enjoy silence, tranquillity and inspiring handicraft art.

Tuija Ohvanainen
Petravaarantie 562
FIN-82600 Tohmajärvi

Tel. + 358 (0)41 442 8268

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